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it feels like im walking on a speedbump...

with cars coming at me from both ways...

16 March
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This is life... take it or leave it...
girls just wanna have fun
be happy
be loving
This is what life's all about
have things that mean the world to you
be crazy
this is my moment
be proud and have your moments
i love you guys
love your friends
be yourself

Hi, I'm Kelsey. Im a 17 year old junior at Flanagan High School (c/o 2006!) my life consists of guard.. practicing for guard.. performing with the guard.. traveling with the guard... hanging out with the guard... and thats about it :)... im also a lifeguard and water safety instructor and makin good money for it. This is me, like it or not.. enjoy!

This is what life's all about

Do you ever stop and close your eyes and remember something that happened for only a moment or two many years ago? In a sense, it didn’t last very long at all, but in another sense, it has lasted all those years and is still going on. What exactly is it you remember? A place? A time? A tragedy? A feeling? A moment.